Book Proposal Review Process

Cell Med Press strives to contribute to the dissemination of scientific information by publishing cutting edge knowledge on diverse topics in the areas of basic biomedical, clinical, and health sciences. Cell Med Press publishes books of the highest scientific quality and integrity, and emphasizes the quality rather than the quantity of the publications. In this regard, all book proposals, which are typically solicited from experts in the field, submitted to Cell Med Press will undergo a two-phase review process. The book proposal will be first evaluated by the Cell Med Press Review Committee consisting of three internationally well-recognized experts in the field for its scientific merit and broad impact. This Committee review typically takes less than 5 working days. Proposals judged to be of significant scientific merit and broad impact will then undergo the second phase peer-review by at least two outside experts in the field. Proposals judged to be of limited scientific merit and little broad impact by the Cell Med Press Review Committee will be declined without further undergoing the second phase peer-review. The eventual acceptance of a book proposal will be primarily based on assessing the peer reviewers’ comments in conjunction with the recommendations by the Cell Med Press Review Committee. Upon acceptance of the book proposal by Cell Med Press, the author(s)/editor(s) will be asked to sign an agreement with the Publisher.